Hello my name is Bullitnut on the Hairloss Forums,  i've created this website to feature my own hairtranplant journey.

         My goal for this site is simply to educate people a little about Hair restoration. I hope after reading my website potential

         patients will make better educated decisions about their hairtransplants, and not make the same mistakes i have in the past.





When i was 22 young and nieve i had my first hairtransplant at my local hairtransplant clinic.

Around the year 1997 i came across an advert in a mens magazine for the clinic, i soon decided after reading this that the place sounded fantastic. It claimed to be state of the art with experienced surgeons from all around the world. They claimed to be leaders in the field of hair restoration and said that they left other clinics behind.

Wow!!  i thought i'll have a consultation, because at this point in time i was struggling to cope with my hair loss,  i was only 22 and felt like my whole world was coming to an end and that no one could possibly love me with a bald head. I telephoned them and arranged a consultation.for the following week.

I arrived for my consultation and was shocked to find that this place was not a state of the art clinic as the advert stated, but just three rooms at the rear of an NHS doctors surgery, at this point alarm bells should have been ringing but i was desperate and very nieve.

I was shown into a small room and was told to sit down, here a gentlemen told me to remove my hat and examined at my hair....... which to be honest was thinning a little but looking back it wasn't actually that bad at this stage, It was obvious i was loosing my hair but i still had plenty left. The man said he could help me and said that i was a perfect candidate for a hair transplant, he also told me that i would soon have a perfect head of hair again.

I was delighted!!!,  i asked how much this procedure would cost?. He replied that because i would need around 1500 grafts throughout my hair to thicken it back up it would be three thousand five hundred pounds.

He then said in a rather pushy tone we are very busy so do you want it or what?......... I was a bit taken aback by this, but the thoughts of a perfect head of hair were ringing in my ear so i agreed. He then told me he would need a deposit of �1500 by the end of the week and said he would book me in for the surgery the following week and i had to pay the balance then.

That was it! the consultation was over,  there was no mention of any side effects, no mention of any risks, no mention of aftercare, no mention of the surgeons competence or qualifications and experience etc, and certainly no mention of hideous scars to the back of your head.

The whole consultation was over in about 5 mins, but because i was only 22 young and nieve i just thought this was normal and i was very excited.

When the day of the surgery arrived i was asked straight away as soon as i sat down for the money, the man(consultant) then counted it infront of me and for some reason he looked in a terrible mood. As soon as he had finished counting though he looked up and smiled.

I was then escorted into a small room where a young lady washed my hair, when she finished she led me to another small room and  told me to sit on a chair that looked like a dental surgery chair.

Here i was asked to sign a consent form and was told not to worry, i was given an injection in my finger to numb my head, and told to relax and that my head would be numb in no time.

The surgeon  then came in and started to remove hair from the rear of my head, to be placed on the top of my head later. This took about five minutes, it hurt a little but wasn't too bad, which i thought was due to the anaesthetic just starting to work.

He quickly started inserting the grafts into the top of my head, and let me tell you this was the worst pain i have ever had in my life. It started out as just an uncomfortable pain, but after an hour or so it was absolutely excruciating!!!!

I told the Dr it was really painful, but he just laughed and said it won't be long, and to to think about all the hair i would soon have. I had no choice but to grin and bear it!............ It was awful and throughout the five hour operation blood just kept on running down my face and neck, it was a terrifying experience but he just kept telling me not to panic he said  it was normal and that i  just had  a sensitive scalp.

When the operation was over i was told i had to get up and go sit in a waiting room for a couple of minutes, to my suprise the doctor then said goodbye!, and went home leaving me on my own with two female assistants.

I was told that my sutures would dissolve on their own in a few weeks, and was given some co- codamol for the pain.......... at this point i was shocked as the procedure wasn't explained to me beforehand so i didn't even realise i had had  stitches.

They then gave me a short letter with aftercare instructions on it, which consisted of washing instructions etc. After about 10 minutes they opened the back door and said goodbye, leaving me to drive home dis- orientated only 10 minutes after a five hour operation.

Over the next few weeks i struggled with the pain, but i was excited and couldn't wait for my new hair to grow. My head looked very sore and was covered in scabs with little hairs popping out. I was told before the surgery that i was paying for 1500 grafts, but to be honest i think i only recieved about 250.

Over the next six months this was confirmed as only a small number of hairs appeared on my head, and i might add they looked very unnatural and stuck out in all different directions, a bit like dolls hair. The most concerning thing though to me was that i suffered something called shockloss, which i have now found out is common, but i was not forewarned or told anything about this prior to my surgery.

Shockloss is where the rest of your normal original hair becomes shocked by the new transplanted hairs that are placed next to them, causing them to fall out........ leaving you with only the transplanted hairs left. This is usually only temporary but in my case was permenent.

So in effect i had payed |�3500 for 1500grafts, recieved around 250  and lost hundreds of old hairs. So i was much worse off after the surgery than before i even had the operation( and a lot poorer too!).

I was now in a situation where i could not even go outside without wearing a hat, and i had no choice but to get another hair transplant to add some more hair to my head, because i only had a small amount of  hairs left on the top of my head and my confidence was shattered. So i began to save up for round two!!!.

In the year 2000,  god only knows why, i returned to the same clinic for another consultation. This time they said i needed another 1500 grafts, but because i had been before they offered a discount and said it would only cost �1500. They also advised me to take finesteride and said they would give me a twelve months supply for nothing, included with the price of the surgery. They told me it would stop any further hair loss and gave me enough tablets to last 6months, and requested  i came back for the rest when i ran out. I contacted them when i did run out and they refused to give me any.

I had my second surgery later that week which was much the same as the first except this one wasn't painfull!!!, which just proves that the first operations anaesthetic wasn't administered correctly in my opinion.

Over the next few months though i experienced terrible headaches on a daily basis, not at all like the first transplant. These headaches didn't start to ease until around 8 months after the procedure. At the same time as the headaches i had feelings of numbness to the back of my head, which took months to ease and even to this day i still have a numb part at the rear off my head on the right,  which i'm told is probably nerve damage........ The growth rate was much the same as the first op and now after paying for 3000grafts at a cost of �5000pounds, i was left with  around 500.

From the year 2000 i suffered from bouts of mental health problems!! i had bouts of severe depression, anxiety attacks, panick attacks which were so serious i was admitted to hospital.  I've had bouts of agraphobia too, and have been on numerous types of anti-depressents for years, all because off the treatment and results of this clinic.

 I have also go two 7cm scars to the back of my head which prevent me from shaving my head and look so ugly i have to keep them covered at all times.

Later i learned  the Dr got struck off , i took a small amount of comfort in the fact that the  clinic would be closed.

After discovering and reading the hairloss forums on the net, i have to my horror found that they are still around and have many dissatisfied patients. They sound like they are exactly the same as ever as there are loads and loads of posts  from unhappy patients,  which are about how people have been disfigured and ripped off by the clinic and their surgeons and unscrupulous salesmen .

Please please if you are thinking of going to this clinic BEWARE. Ask to meet former patients and please ask loads of questions, because if they are the same as when i went you could potentially be making the biggest mistake of your life. Take heed from someone who knows from first hand experience

    Before having any hair restoration procedure,  it is absolutely vital you do some serious research and check out the many different surgeons on all the hair forums.

    Don't let travel be the deciding factor either because the results good or bad will last a lifetime!!. Have a look at Doctors websites, and have a look at all the negative comments on the internet, if any regarding the clinics you are interested in. You can do this by simply googling their name and u should find a wealth of useful  info.

    My advice which comes from someone whos been to a terrible clinic and then researched intensively for over 12months on the net,  is to use Shapiro Medical Group, they are in my opinion  the most ethical, compassionate and caring clinic out there.

    They are helpful and extremely understanding of your hairloss situation, and in my opinion they are one of  the very best clinic in the entire world...... true pioneers in the field of hair transplantation,  with years and years of experience behind them. Their results are simply incredible many of which can be seen on all the major hairloss forums, and on my youtube channel


    In my own opinion the best place to start your research would be on the hairloss forums,

     is a good one that helped me a lot,  there is an array of good clinics and doctors, as well as veteran patients always happy to help.

    good luck with your hair restoration journey and please remember if your like me and have been to a poor clinic,  there is still hope as in the hands of a skilled surgeon DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!!!!!


    Firstly i would like to make it clear that neither Shapiro Medical Group or any forum have had ANY involvement in this website. The thoughts opinions, advice and recommendations on here are solely my own and i have not been influenced in anyway either financially or verbally by anyone..The fact that i am recommending the use of both Shapiro Medical Group and the Hairlossexperiences forum is simply because i regard them highly myself and have had positive dealings with both. This site is simply based on my own experiences and opinions and therefore i alone am responsible for its contents. I am not a doctor or a consultant and have never claimed to be and the whole purpose of this site is simply to get my experiences and opinions out there and if it helps anyone then all well and good



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